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The Izhevsk birthday and the Town Day: what has changed in 259 years

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The Izhevsk birthday and the Town Day: what has changed in 259 years
Photo: Николай Кузнецов

For us, Izhevsk, June 12 = Town Day. This has been the case since 1988. Earlier it was celebrated on the June holiday, and since 1992 it was combined with the Russia Day.

But we note that the Town Day and the Izhevsk birthday are not the same. Let's go back in time.

When is Izhevsk's birthday?

Izhevsk was built in 1760 as an ironworks. He was also called a semi-integrated works. Its function was to convert cast iron into iron.

История набережной Ижевска


Izhevsk managed to be a village and a village until the beginning of the 20th century.

The construction of a factory dam across the Izh River began on this day in 1760. Mining engineer, trustee of Count Peter Shuvalov, Alexey Moskvin, who led the construction of the first factory facilities, chose a place for the dam. The first battled iron was obtained in 1763 at the Izhevsk plant. All Izhevsk residents - with the holiday, the day of the foundation of our city
Oleg Bekmemetyev, the Head of Izhevsk

April 10, 1760 is the birthday of Izhevsk

There is information in the documents - the construction of the Izhevsk ironworks of Count Shuvalov began on April 10, 1760
Evgeny Shumilov, the Izhevsk historian, professor of UdSU, doctor of historical sciences

Suffix changed the city

The council of workers, soldiers and peasant deputies proclaimed the village of Izhevsk plant - the town in January 1918.

We were always called Izhevsk, just the suffixes sometimes changed. Sometimes they simply called Iz, shortly and clearly. Suffixes gradually appeared - they began to say: “I live in Izhev”. A purely urban suffix "ck" joined after Izhevu. For the first time it can be recorded in archival documents in 1816 – Izhevsk
Evgeny Shumilov, the Izhevsk historian, professor of UdSU, doctor of historical sciences

Izhevsk became the capital in 1933 with the proclamation of the Udmurt Republic

Izhevsk was renamed Ustinov in memory of the late USSR Defense Minister Dmitry Ustinov on December 27, 1984 on the initiative of the party authorities. The historical name was returned after almost 3 years. The town again became Izhevsk as a result of popular indignation and protest on June 19, 1987.

The town had a new name Ustinov 900 days

The first holiday of Izhevsk

The first Town Day was held in June 1988. The celebration was modest - a small procession, a festive concert and folk festivals. However, it was then that the tradition was laid: to gather at the monument to Andrei Deryabin. So people start the holiday in our days. At the same time, the title "Honorary Citizen of Izhevsk" was established. Designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, athlete Galina Kulakova and others were the first to receive the title.

Экскурсия в прошлое

31 фото

The scale of the celebration increased with time. We made morning exercises, workshops, sports, flashmobs, salutes and much more.

New format

The organizers of the holiday came up with a new format two years ago: to celebrate the Town Day from 10 to 12 June.


The celebrations were divided into 3 blocks since 2017: June 10 - citizens celebrate the Court Day, June 11 - the District Day, and June 12 - the traditional Town Day.

Ижевск отмечает День города и День России


Last year, it seemed, residents of Izhevsk had fun everywhere: in every yard, square, and park. The organizers arranged interactive, entertaining, creative zones. They waited for Izhevsk people from early morning until late evening. For young citizens they held their children's Day of the city with fun performances, games and art workshops.

There were held festivals of folk games and yard songs, demonstration performances on cheerleading and karate, a master class in boxing and modern dance, flash mobs on the Court Day and the District Day.

What awaits us on the Town Day - 2019?

The city authorities have attracted citizens to the formation of programs for the holidays. Now they are collecting their ideas, which have already accumulated more than 30.

Among them:

- photo quest for memorable places of Izhevsk;

- historical city tours on tram routes;

- daily physical with a star within the District Day;

- Immersive performance (the audience becomes a participant in the production);

- festival of games;

- sailing regatta on Izhevsk pond;

- urban garden, where citizens can exchange seedlings for free.

The best ideas will be selected at the end of April and will be realized on the Town Day.

There will be master classes, sports competitions, a street-art festival, a festival of yard games, the project “Voice of the streets”, flashmobs already at the festival. Organizers will open many areas for children.

Artists, creative children's and adult collectives of the republic will perform at concert venues. One of the surprises will be a concert of a guest Russian pop star. Last year, Stas Pieha was the headliner of the holiday. Who will come this year is still unknown.

Группа "Фабрика" - "Про любовь"


Traditionally, the town festivities will end with fireworks. In 2018, it lasted almost 10 minutes.

Салют на День города в Ижевске


One of the innovations of this year will be a change of location. The main events will be held on the pond embankment. But this is a necessary measure, repairs continue in the Central Square.