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The echelon trophy equipment "Syrian fracture" arrived in Izhevsk

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The echelon trophy equipment "Syrian fracture" arrived in Izhevsk
Photo: Руслан Нуриахметов

The train with captured military equipment arrived at the Izhevsk railway station on April 11, 2019. The lineup started on February 23 from Moscow as part of the “Syrian fracture” action. It has on its way - 61 settlements of Russia.

Эшелон трофейной техники "Сирийский перелом" побывал в Ижевске


Diesel locomotive, five passenger and five baggage cars, ten open platforms with equipment are part of the train. It was captured during the fighting in the Syrian Arab Republic. Residents of Izhevsk saw trophy armored and engineering equipment, artillery guns. And guides from among contract servicemen of the Armed Forces told about the exposition.

The main exhibit is the T-55 tank. Heavy machine was upgraded in Georgia, and then ended up in Syria, where it was captured.

Also, everyone saw mines and improvised explosive devices of militants. Everyone could visit the army store Voentorg as part of a train, and on the platform there was a point for selecting citizens for military service under the contract.

In total, more than 30 thousand kilometers will go the train in two months and arrive in Moscow on Victory Day, May 9th.