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23 September 2021 Thursday

The first digital media festival “Zvuchit respublika” will take place in Udmurtia

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
The first digital media festival “Zvuchit respublika” will take place in Udmurtia
Photo: Ruslan Nuriahmetov


The first digital media festival of vocal groups and soloists “Zvuchit REC.PUBLIKA” (6+) will take place in Udmurtia. It will take place as a part of the national project “Culture” initiated by the President of the country Vladimir Putin. This was reported by the press office of the head and government of the region.

Participants will present songs in the format of video clips about Udmurtia, its regions and sights.

The jury members will select one work from each municipality at the first stage of the competition. 30 best video clips will be recorded on the interactive sound map of the republic.

In the summer of 2021, an Internet voting will take place, during which five best songs will be determined. They will be filmed by professional video clips with further screening on television screens.

Only Izhevsk will remain unannounced in the final of the festival (September). Especially for the project, a festival anthem is created, which is performed by all regions. Izhevsk will sound the anthem on the map.

Thus, a map of the sounding republic will be created with the help of which every resident will learn about any district, village or town of Udmurtia and their attractions.

The organizers will announce the start of the collection of applications additionally.