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Two cultural centers were opened in Udmurtia on December 17

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Two cultural centers were opened in Udmurtia on December 17

The cultural centers of the Oktyabrsky and Sovkhozny cultural complexes were opened after renovation on December 17. It was announced on the personal page of the social network “VKontakte” by the Minister of Culture of the Republic Vladimir Soloviev.

The cultural center in the village Oktyabrsky was repaired as a part of the federal project “Culture of the small motherland”. The floors in the offices were renewed in the building, electrical wiring and lighting were replaced, and blind areas were arranged on the facade of the building. The total amount of allocated funds amounted to 803,761.85 rubles. In 2020, the leisure center of the MBI “Cultural complex “Golyanskiy” was repaired in the amount of 584,045 rubles. The outer walls were clad here.

Over three years, 2 712.821 thousand rubles were allocated for the repair of the building.

In 2019, MBI “Cultural complex “Centralnyy” was repaired in the amount of 899.3 thousand rubles. The parquet floors were repaired here; the stage covering and general lighting of the hall were replaced with the replacement of electrical equipment.

In addition, the party project gives rural cultural institutions the opportunity to replenish the material and technical base. Since 2017, the Zavyalovsky district has received 817 800 rubles as a part of the project for the purchase of musical instruments, musical, sound equipment and computer equipment
Vladimir Soloviev, the Minister of Culture of Udmurtia

In general the Zavyalovsky district received 5,817,728 rubles over the entire history of the project.

The building of the rural cultural center of the cultural complex “Sovkhozny” was overhauled not only as a part of the national project “Culture”, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also under the regional project “Ensuring a qualitatively new level of development of cultural infrastructure” “Cultural environment”. For the repair of the institution, funds were allocated from the federal and regional in the amount of 3,122,960 rubles. In the building, the ceiling and attic floors, blind areas, power supply were repaired, window blocks were replaced.

Additionally, major repairs were carried out to replace the floor in the auditorium and the corridor, and the walls in the auditorium were painted. The stage was reconstructed; the hemming and the facade of the building were repaired.

The completion of the overhaul in 2020 coincided with the 45th anniversary of the State Farm House of Culture/

In 2020, a subsidy were given for the purchase of a mobile multifunctional cultural center in the amount of 4,984,380.81 rubles. The auto club is already actively used to organize cultural and leisure activities for residents of settlements.

The Zavyalovsky district received 9,247,900 rubles during the implementation of the national project.