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28 October 2021 Thursday

Teachers from Udmurtia won the grants 50 thousand rubles

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Teachers from Udmurtia won the grants 50 thousand rubles
Photo: Gregory Fomin

Five teachers from Udmurtia won the All-Russian competition. The press office of the Ministry of Education and Science of the republic said that a grant of 50 thousand rubles will be allocated to them.

The competition was attended by 5,738 applications from 84 regions of Russia. 5,090 preschool educators and 268 students passed technical selection in the areas of “pedagogical sciences” and “humanities”.

The contest participants had to submit a project to work with children from 2 months to 7 years and their parents. It was still necessary to prepare a video of up to two minutes on the topic of the project.

The teacher of Debessky kindergarten No. 2 Tatyana Suntsova became the best one with the lesson project on the theme “Zimnyay skazka dobra”. The musical director of kindergarten No. 37 Sarapula Larisa Erofeeva was also awarded grant support for the competition. Another award will be given to Tatyana Blinova, teacher of kindergarten No. 54 from Glazov, and Tanzilya Bogatyreva, teacher of kindergarten No. 285 in Izhevsk.

The winner was a student of the Glazov State Pedagogical Institute and a young teacher in kindergarten No. 14 of Izhevsk Julia Tretyakova in the category “Students”. She tried herself in this and became one of 73 winners. She will be awarded a grant in the amount of 20 thousand rubles.

Additionally, all winners will have opportunities for professional growth. For example, participation in the Summer School of the competition named after L.S. Vygotsky and All-Russian Leadership School. Both events will take place in July 20.