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Graduates from Udmurtia took part in the All-Russian action “Farewell Bell - 2020”

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Graduates from Udmurtia took part in the All-Russian action “Farewell Bell - 2020”
Photo: Ksenia Kropacheva

This year the Farewell Bell for graduates was held in the online format for the first time. A festive online marathon dedicated to the Farewell Bell started in the group of the Ministry of Education of Russia on the social network Vkontakte on May 25 at 10am Moscow time. Outstanding teachers and eleventh-graders of the country live congratulated each other and shared vivid memories from school life. The best moments from the online marathon will be shown on the Russia-1 TV channel on May 30.

Udmurtia was presented in the project by four children who showed themselves during their studies at school both as diligent students and as active participants in competitions, contests and competitions. Two each are from Izhevsk and Sarapul.

A graduate of school number 34 Liliana Khanova and a graduate of school number 19 Mikhail Smirnov participated in the action from Izhevsk. Also the class teacher of school No. 97 Yulia Varlamova participated in the broadcast.

Julia Varlamova is an English teacher and class teacher at school No. 97, on the basis of which the participants of the action “Farewell Bell - 2020” joined graduates and teachers from other regions of the country.

It’s nobody’s fault for such circumstances, but the distant format is the only option for how today we can convey our emotions, all the warmth of this day. This is a good opportunity to celebrate the Farewell Bell of the whole country
Julia Varlamova, a class teacher of school No. 97, a participant in the action “Farewell Bell - 2020”

Liliana Khanova is not only an exemplary student, but also the editor-in-chief of a volunteer school newspaper.

On the one hand, I was a little upset having learned that the Farewell Bell is take place online. And then I realized that on the other hand it’s even better, which is not like everyone else. We will be remembered throughout the country, and there are memories for good for me
Liliana Khanova, a graduate of school No. 34, a participant in the action “Farewell Bell - 2020”

After passing the exam, Liliana Khanova plans to submit documents to a Moscow university for the major “Organization of work with youth”.

Mikhail Smirnov, in addition to studying at school with “good” and “excellent”, engages counseling activities and dreams of becoming a journalist.

I want to say thanks to our teachers, because if not for them, we would not be able to gain knowledge and make true friends, and graduates would like to wish to go through life with a smile and take everything easy
Mikhail Smirnov, a graduate of school number 19, a participant in the action “Farewell Bell - 2020”

Recall Farewell Bells will be held online on May 29 and 30 in Udmurtia.