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25 September 2021 Saturday

Graduates will celebrate the Farewell Bell live of the TV channel “Udmurtia”

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Graduates will celebrate the Farewell Bell live of the TV channel “Udmurtia”
Photo: Anastasiia Vasileva

The Farewell Bell for graduates will be held live of the TV channel “Udmurtia”. It was reported on the website of the broadcasting company.

Izhevsk eleventh graders are also offered to recall the most touching moments from school life. A special action “I + Class + School” was launched in the town. All town schools will join to the program of the Farewell Bell on the Internet <...> To post unusual videos about their pupils and teachers
Natalia Gvozdkova, the Head of the Education Department of the Administration of Izhevsk

The Farewell Bell project will take place on the social network “VKontakte”, on the website, and also on the television channel at 11am on May 30. All eleventh graders will know where, when, and what time to go.

The plot of the holiday is kept secret by the organizers. However, it is known that this will be a bright event with the sincere emotions of the guys and the touching parting words of the teachers.

A graduate Elizabeth Chulkina recorded a festive video message to peers alone in the classroom. It will be mounted in a single video at the school television studio, and it will go into the general scenario of the celebration.

Emotions remain the same. We are incredibly glad that finally we have ended this huge stage – 11 years. Our adult independent life begins and the huge plus of the Farewell Bell online is that we can leave these videos, these photos for many long years, and then remember
Elizaveta Chulkina, a graduate of MBGEI “Economics and Mathematics Lyceum №29”

Elizabeth noted that no one had had such a graduation, so she was glad of such an opportunity.