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28 October 2021 Thursday

Chess rooms will appear in 42 schools “Growth points” in Udmurtia

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Chess rooms will appear in 42 schools “Growth points” in Udmurtia
Photo: vk.com/Alexandr Brechalov

42 rural schools in Udmurtia will open “Growth points” this September as a part of the national project “Education”, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Each educational institution will be equipped with a chess room. It was announced on the personal page of the social network “Vkontakte” by the head of the region Alexander Brechalov.

Renovation work in schools is almost done. Educational institutions are preparing to receive new modern equipment. The “Growing points” centers will have computers, video cameras, 3D printers, training simulators, and quadcopters. Also, each school will have a chess room.

This is a gift to both all students and young chess players, of whom there are already more than 20 thousand in the republic!
Alexander Brechalov, the head of Udmurtia

Such centers will help schoolchildren acquire teamwork skills and prepare for participation in competitions.

“Growth point” is a special type of school coworking space, where all conditions are created for the introduction of new teaching and upbringing methods, educational technologies
Alexander Brechalov, the head of Udmurtia

The total amount of funding for “Growth point” schools for 2020 amounted to about 47 million rubles.

The “Growth point” project is being implemented at Lyceum No. 1 in Kambarka.