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Industrial design teachers of Russia will come to Izhevsk

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Industrial design teachers of Russia will come to Izhevsk
Photo: Alexey Arzamastsev

The platform of the Udmurtia children's technopark “Quantorium” won the right to hold a face-to-face session for teachers of the “Industrial Design” direction from the Fund for new forms of Education. The press office of the head and government of the republic reported it.

An educational session for Industrial Design teachers will begin in Izhevsk on August 1. Teachers from 33 regions of the country will come to Udmurtia. The training will be conducted by federal mentors of the direction Svyatoslav Sahakyan and Mikhail Ryzhov, and teams of top industrial design quantum teachers from Izhevsk, Tambov, St. Petersburg, Tolyatti, Almetyevsk and Tula will help them.

This year a mobile “Quantorium” will be opened in Udmurtia. It will be created on the basis of a Ford Transit mobile bus station with a trailer. The station will be equipped with equipment for scientific and technical creativity in the areas of “VR / IT”, “Robo / Industrial design”, “Geo / Aero”, “Hi-tech”.

It is reported that students from grades 7 to 11 will be able to study here. At least a thousand children will pass through it in a year.

This project will ensure the availability of additional education. The region received it as a part of the national project “Education”, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Technopark “Quantorium” was opened in Izhevsk in September 2017. Currently, work is underway here in six areas – quanta (industrial design, aeroquantum, roboquantum, IT quantum, virtual reality and Hi-Tech).

Recall that a summer camp for schoolchildren has opened on the basis of “Quantorium”.