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22 September 2021 Wednesday

Udmurtia will take part in the All-Russian action “Lesson of Figures”

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Udmurtia will take part in the All-Russian action “Lesson of Figures”
Photo: Ruslan Nuriahmetov

The open “Lesson of Figures” will be held at schools in Izhevsk and Sarapul on September 23rd and 24th. They are held as part of the national project “Digital Economy” initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Minister of Informatization and Communications of Udmurtia Timur Medzhitov will talk to 11-graders of IT Lyceum No. 24 of Izhevsk, answer the questions of schoolchildren and tell about the industry's professions in demand. The ministry representatives will also act as teachers.

Professional self-determination and information literacy of students are created as a part of the All-Russian action “Lesson of Figures”; the format of the open lesson allows in the dialogue mode to answer the questions of concern to schoolchildren related to the IT sphere
Timur Medzhitov, the minister of informatization and communications of Udmurtia

In addition, students can get an interactive lesson in informatics on the topic “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” online until September 27, 2020 on the website urotsifry.rf.

Education in IT classes in Udmurtia is aimed at vocational guidance of schoolchildren in the choice of engineering and IT specialties and preparation for admission to universities in the region. The project involves pupils from grade 7 of 46 urban and rural schools in the region, which are more than 3 thousand 666 schoolchildren in 152 IT classes.