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Patient charts will be phased converted to electronic format in Udmurtia

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Patient charts will be phased converted to electronic format in Udmurtia
Photo: Alexey Arzamastsev

Patient charts will be phased converted to electronic format in Udmurtia. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted this item in the list of instructions following a meeting of the State Council Presidium, according to the Kremlin website.

This paragraph provides for the transition from paper to electronic, subject to the complete readiness of medical organizations and the proper protection of health information systems. The term for the execution of the order is April 15, 2020.

They have been filling out electronic patient records for three years now in the hospital of the Mozhginsky district hospital.

“We have a history of patients who are already in hospital in 100% in electronic form. Outpatient cards in polyclinics are also approximately 80% filled in electronically. It’s convenient for doctors, since you can see all the previous tests, diseases that the patient has treated, and all the diagnostic data you can see”

- Nadezhda Vdovina, the head doctor

An electronic card is also convenient for patients. Previously, recovering a lost card was quite difficult; in the new format, data will not be lost.

Also, Vladimir Putin ordered before March 1, 2020 to study the actual need of all subjects of Russia in the number of ambulance flights and submit proposals on the redistribution of subsidies for the purchase of aviation work to provide medical care to citizens.

Mozhginsky hospital took one of the first sanitation. Over the past time, 26 patients were able to provide fast medical care, four of them are children.

“Previously, there were situations in which we very much needed sanitation for the evacuation of patients. A unique opportunity has appeared to reduce the risks of evacuating patients with severe, life-threatening diseases. In less than 20 minutes we delivered patients”

- Nadezhda Vdovina, the head doctor

Note that the road to the republican hospitals in different cases could take about two hours on the reanimobile.

Recall, ambulance aircraft in Udmurtia made 82 flights from the moment of work - July 19 this year.

В Удмуртии заработала санитарная авиация. 19 июля 2019 года состоялся первый рейс.