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25 September 2021 Saturday

130 public spaces will be developed in villages of Udmurtia

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
130 public spaces will be developed in villages of Udmurtia
Photo: Alexey Arzamastsev

130 yards, squares and other public spaces in villages of Udmurtia will be landscaped in the “Year of the village”. The Prime Minister Yaroslav Semenov reported that on his social network page.

Work will be carried out in the Pobedy Park and Centralnyy Park in the Alnashy district, the Istoricheskii Square in Vavozh, on the embankment of the Yulsky pond in the Votkinsk District, on the Centralnayya Square in Grakhov.

In total, 269 public spaces were landscaped in 2020.

This year we plan to continue this work – we will put in order 84 courtyards and 100 public spaces
Yaroslav Semenov, the Chairman of the Government of Udmurtia

In Izhevsk they plan to make a section of the Centralnaya Square from the Karla Marxa St. to Krasnaya St: they will continue work on the territory of the Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity and improve the Zarechny Square. Bogatyrevsky Park will be built in Votkinsk, the town park named after Pushkin will be built in Sarapul, and in Glazov – squares at the monument to Pavlik Morozov and at the music school. Work will be also begun on the public area “Heart of Mozhga”.

Now 80% of the contracts have been signed. Contractors are planning the work schedule and then they will go to the spaces as the weather will permit.