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Young ballet-girl from Izhevsk will perform on the federal channel

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Young ballet-girl from Izhevsk will perform on the federal channel
Photo: Konstantin Voznesenskih

Young ballet-girl Daria Karpova from Izhevsk has been dancing since she was three. The girl is a soloist of the Cinderella classical dance ensemble of the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity, the director of which is Natalya Golovkova. Dasha will go to Moscow to shoot a television project about choreography on July 14. The issue will be aired on a federal channel. The girl's mother Elena Karpova told the correspondent of the news agency “Udmurtia” about that.

Юная балерина из Ижевска выступит на федеральном телеканале

The mother of the ballet-girl noted that the girl defended the honor of Izhevsk and the republic at many regional, All-Russian, international contests and competitions.

At one of the competitions, which took place in Perm, Daria Karpova's talent won the jury. There were the choreographer and curator of the TV project about dancing Sofya Gaidukova among them. The girl was awarded not only the Grand Prix, but also an invitation to Moscow to shoot the release of the program.

The teacher of the young ballet-girl, teacher of additional education at the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity Elena Fattakhova said that girl showed herself as a hardworking, purposeful and bright personality. Dasha works out twice a day, constantly honing her skills and learning more and more complex elements and variations.

Despite the workload and frequent trainings, Dasha is an excellent student. According to her mother, she is an A-grade student and she does not forget to help her parents around the house.

Daria Karpova added that she had a love of dancing since early childhood. As soon as she heard the music, she immediately began to dance and asked her to applaud her parents and grandparents.

And the girl will surprise the audience of the TV project with a variation of “Russian dance” from the ballet “Swan Lake”.