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25 September 2021 Saturday

«The Immortal regiment» will be held in Udmurtia

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«The Immortal regiment» will be held in Udmurtia
Photo: Алексей Арзамасцев

The action «Immortal regiment» will be held in Udmurtia for the sixth time on May 9. Everyone can become a part of it and take a photo of their relative – a participant in the Great Patriotic War, a war worker, a prisoner of fascist concentration camps, a partisan.

The column will be formed in Izhevsk from 10:00 am between the building of the 2nd town polyclinic and the Board of Honor of Udmurtia. Range will go at 11:00. The route was extended this year: we will reach the Izhevsk administration with photos of heroic relatives.

The march will begin in Mozhga after floral tribute at the Memorial to the Mozhgin soldiers – at 10:30.

Glazovsky «The Immortal Regiment» will join the town rally and will go through the square. Beginning is at 11:00

The column of «The Immortal Regiment» in Sarapul starts at 10:15 from the Palace of Culture of the Radio Factory. The route will be as this way: along Soviet to Red Square.

Uvinsky «The Immortal regiment» will begin at 9:15 and marches through the Center of the village for the veterans

Igrintsy gather with photos before the others – at 9:00. And they will join the solemn meeting.

You can find out more about the history of the promotion on the promotion website. And you can sign up as a volunteer here

Recall the schedule of celebrations on Victory Day in Izhevsk is already known.