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New Russian-Udmurt dictionary was presented in Izhevsk

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New Russian-Udmurt dictionary was presented in Izhevsk
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The new Russian-Udmurt dictionary was presented in Izhevsk. There was a correspondent of IA Udmurtia at a ceremony in the House of Friendship of Peoples.

No one doubted that today is a public holiday. <...> Today we are releasing a very long-awaited child. For me, the moment on the eve of the New Year, when two wonderful very heavy volumes of the Russian-Udmurt dictionary were sent to Minnats, blocked all the holidays
Larisa Buranova, the Minister of National Policy of Udmurtia

One of the authors of the dictionary, candidate of philological sciences, research associate of the Udmurt Institute of History, Language and Literature Sergey Maximov explained the need for a new dictionary. Many words could not be translated into the Udmurt language for political reasons. Therefore, the 1956 dictionary is almost all linguists called “Russian-Russian”.

The new dictionary was published in two volumes. Institutions working with the Udmurt language will receive it for free. And those who want to purchase it for themselves can contact the publishing house “Udmurtia”. The circulation amounted to 2 thousand copies. It was timed to the 100th anniversary of the statehood of Udmurtia.

Linguists conducted a huge, heroic work. They processed almost all sources and took into account almost everything that has been accumulated in the Udmurt literature from vocabulary. And now they are included in the dictionary. I think that now Udmurt literature will be enriched with words that are not known to everyone
Alexander Shklyaev, assistant professor of journalism at the IUFFUandJ UdSU, linguist, literary critic

In addition, the dictionary has an electronic version. All material of the new edition and the Udmurt-Russian dictionary of 2008 have already been uploaded to the database. This will make it possible to translate words from Udmurt into Russian and vice versa.

The electronic version was adapted for the phone screen.

Recall that the results of the competition for the best work in the Udmurt language were summed up in Udmurtia. In February, Udmurt language courses will start in Izhevsk.