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25 September 2021 Saturday

The national project “Ecology” is ramping up production in Udmurtia

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The national project “Ecology” is ramping up production in Udmurtia
Photo: Gregory Fomin

The national project “Ecology”, initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, continues to ramp up production in Udmurtia. The press office of the head and government of the republic said that it is planned to significantly reduce the amount of waste rotting in landfills, organize garbage collection and send it to recycling thanks to the “garbage reform”.

Currently, there are five landfill sites in Udmurtia.

If we talk about the figures further, then 330 thousand tons of waste was disposed of at landfills in 2019, which is almost twice as much as in the previous year. This year we also have to liquidate 50 and reclaim two landfills
Alexander Brechalov, the head of Udmurtia

18 thousand garbage collection tanks were installed in the region by the end of last year. According to the results of the first quarter of 2020, more than 5.5 thousand tanks were purchased, including for separate collection of garbage.

Earlier it was reported that over the week in Udmurtia the amount of garbage increased by 70%. The reason for the growth is associated with home self-isolation of residents of the region.


Personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves, should be placed in a separate, hermetically tied bag and only then put in the bin. This is an additional measure of protection against the spread of coronavirus infection.