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22 September 2021 Wednesday

About 400 jobs will be created in the towns of Udmurtia as part of the “Big Cleaning Up”

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
About 400 jobs will be created in the towns of Udmurtia as part of the “Big Cleaning Up”
Photo: Alexey Arzamastsev

About 400 jobs will be created in the towns of the republic as a part of the project “Big Cleaning Up”. It became known at live #Brechalov Live on the pages of the head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov in social networks.

These organizations, under short-term employment contracts, attract people who, due to circumstances, need work. The number of citizens is large – about 400 people: Izhevsk – 250, Mozhga – 25, Votkinsk – 40, Sarapul – 40, Glazov – 40
Yaroslav Semenov, the Chairman of the Government of Udmurtia

These citizens will be able to clear public areas. It is important that all employees are provided with personal protective equipment. Thus, this will make it possible to put the towns in order, and the measure will help to earn extra money for the population left without work.

You can contact the Employment Centers (CSP):

- employment center of Izhevsk: 8 (3412) 72-96-82, 8 (3412) 73-42-84, 8 (3412) 40-39-00

- Industrial area 8 (3412) 45-57-55

- Leninsky district 8 (3412) 61-53-07

- Oktyabrsky District 8 (3412) 59-84-33

- Pervomaisky district 8 (3412) 51-17-15

- Ustinovsky District 8 (3412) 72-01-08

- Job center of Votkinsk 8 (34145) 3-56-72

- Job center of Glazov 8 (34141) 3-39-50

- Job center of Mozhga 8 (34139) 3-22-66

- Job center of Sarapul 8 (34147) 3-99-09

Yaroslav Semenov noted that due to the operation of the self-isolation regime, it is impossible to conduct subbotniks in the usual mode. Municipal organizations with citizens over 65, pregnant women, people with chronic bronchopulmonary diseases, endocrine system diseases, cardiovascular, were offered to send people of these categories to rest with salary.

It is noted that in Udmurtia the project “Big Cleaning Up” is ongoing. As part of it, disinfection of common places of citizens is carried out. Particular attention is paid to stops, porches and house adjoining territories of apartment buildings, as well as public spaces.

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