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25 September 2021 Saturday

Polar bear Aurora from Krasnoyarsk met with the groom from Izhevsk

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Polar bear Aurora from Krasnoyarsk met with the groom from Izhevsk

The polar bear Aurora from the Krasnoyarsk zoo arrived in the zoo of Udmurtia in early March this year. The press office of the zoo reports that now it has been introduced to its bridegroom – Balu.

Their first meeting took place through the fence. Bears liked each other. We looked at them with interest and sniffed. And on April 14, they first walked together in the aviary. The bears got along and didn’t want to disperse.

Aurora again bathed, showed off in front of Balu. The male looked with approval at its beauty. They got along, tuned only in a positive way. And that is wonderful. All the best is ahead
press office of the zoo of Udmurtia

The bride for Balu got to the capital of our republic for three days.

We are trying to create everything necessary for it, so that it as quickly as possible adapts to the new conditions, gets used to the employees. Aurora slowly learns swimming lessons, gets used to the pool and we are very happy about its success. Every day we give the bear new toys. So far, the rubber ball is in the favorites. We recognized its eating habits: meat and chicken. And for dessert they pampered with a portion of ice cream
Irina Fedorova, the Head of the White North Department, Udmurtia Zoo

Recall that the Polar Bear Zabava from the Udmurtia Zoo moved to the Bolsherechensk Zoo.