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28 October 2021 Thursday

National holiday “Gerber” was moved to August in Udmurtia

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National holiday “Gerber” was moved to August in Udmurtia
Photo: Ruslan Nuriahmetov


The national holiday “Gerber” was moved to August in Udmurtia. This was reported by the press office of the House of Friendship of Peoples.

Initially, an event in honor of the 100th anniversary of the statehood of the republic was planned for June 20. The Vavozhsky district was preparing to receive guests. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, the date had to be rescheduled. The name of the holiday will now be “Vyl” (from “new” from Udmurtia).

All guests are waiting for the harvest fair and international platforms. For the first time, other peoples of Russia who live near Udmurtia will also present their work.

In general, the format of the holiday will remain the same. Many traditional contests and venues await the visitors. Authentic groups will perform.

Recall that the logo for “Gerber” was chosen in Udmurtia.