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Actor of the theater “Molodoy chelovek” Evgeny Romanov: “I was lucky to act in the film “Geograf globus propil”

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Actor of the theater “Molodoy chelovek” Evgeny Romanov: “I was lucky to act in the film “Geograf globus propil”
Photo: press office of the teather "Molodoy chelovek"

The theater “Molodoy chelovek” from Izhevsk continues to present the artists to the audience. Drama actor Evgeny Romanov has been working here since 2015.

He was born and grew up in Vodzimonye of the Vavozhsky district of the republic. After graduation, he entered the Udmurt Republican College of Culture in Izhevsk. He continued his studies at the Institute of Culture and Art in Perm.

Eugene acted in the film based on the novel of the same name by Alexei Ivanov “Geograf globus propil” as a schoolboy Tyutin in the second year of the drama training.

A casting was announced that young people between the ages of 15 and 25 were recruiting for the roles of schoolchildren, and we decided to try our luck in all courses. As a result, they confirmed me through interviews and tests. Undoubtedly, this was the first, great and useful experience. I did not believe in myself that I not only see “alive” Konstantin Khabensky, a man who I liked in my childhood as Igor Plakhin in the series “Ubojnaya sila”, but I also work with him. I have good memories from the whole crew, the director Alexander Veledinsky himself and from the guys with whom we were filming
Evgeny Romanov, an actor of the theater “Molodoy chelovek”

After graduation, he went to the army, and then returned to Izhevsk, settling in the theater “Molodoy chelovek”.

My choice was not accidental, while still studying at the institute when I was on vacation I visited the performances of the theater “Molodoy chelovek”: “Teatr smeshnogo cheloveka”, “Svoi ludi – sochtemsya”, “Emigranty”. And I was struck by the acting. It was very organic, lively and somehow special. Even then, I thought that I also want to play. And this was the first theater where I decided to try after the institute. And they took me
Evgeny Romanov, an actor of the theater “Molodoy chelovek”

At the moment, Evgeny Romanov involved in more than 15 theater productions: the role of Deniska in the play “Deniskiny rasskazy” by Viktor Dragunsky, the role of Dolgushov, Sidorov and Stepan in the play “Conarmia” by Isaac Babel and others. Also, Eugene plays in three premiere performances of this season – “Ogni” according to A. Chekhov, “Bog ezdit na velosipede” according to the modern teenage play by I. Vaskovskaya and D. Utkina, “Fantazery. Ogurtsy” according to the stories of N. Nosov, in the spring began rehearsing the role of Mitrofanushka in the updated version of Andrei Oparin’s play “Nedorosl’” based on the play by D. Fonvizin.

Recall that the play “Konarmia” was included in the long list of the Golden Mask festival, and also became the winner of the Art Migration festival.