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23 September 2021 Thursday

The exhibition “Detstvo opalennoye voynoy” is opened in Izhevsk

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
The exhibition “Detstvo opalennoye voynoy” is opened in Izhevsk
Photo: Konstantin Voznesenskih

The exhibition “Detstvo opalennoye voynoy” is opened in Izhevsk. The organizers of the action told the journalist of the news agency “Udmurtia” about this.

In total, 16 documents and 18 photographs were presented at the exhibition <...> They reflect the evacuation of children during the Great Patriotic War in the territory of Udmurtia, the work of children in agriculture, in factories, the training of children at school, their stay in kindergartens, and the arrangement in children's homes
Organizers of the exhibition “Detstvo opalennoye voynoy”

Preparation was for two months. For this, the most colorful and vivid documents and photographs were selected. The exhibition is based on photographs of the war years of the Central State Archive, the Center for Documentation of Recent History and the Municipal Archives.

Выставка «Детство, опаленные войной» открылась в Ижевске

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A letter written by a Polish girl, a pupil of the Karakulinsky orphanage in Karakulino before leaving for his homeland in 1945 was presented there. She wrote that they were received very warmly, that the Russian people are very caring and attentive. And that they will never forget this time that they spent here in the territory of Udmurtia.