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The place for the installation of the stele was chosen by residents of Izhevsk

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
The place for the installation of the stele was chosen by residents of Izhevsk

The place for the installation of the stele was chosen by residents of Izhevsk in honor of the awarding of the title “City of Labor Valour”. The head of the town Oleg Bekmemetiev announced it.

More than 2.7 thousand people took part in the survey. The majority voted for the esplanade, where the monument “Friendship of Peoples” is installed.

The votes were distributed as follows:

- esplanade, where the monument “Friendship of peoples” is installed – 601 people;

- the Victory Square – 587 people;

- the Central square – 392 people;

- the area around the town administration building – 307 people;

- the embankment of the Izhevsk pond – 218 people;

- the playground at the Palace of Children's (Youth) Creativity – 212 people;

- the park named after Kirova – 147 people;

- the platform on the south side of the Arsenal (between the Government House of Udmurtia and the Arsenal) – 132 people.

Historian Yevgeny Shumilov proposed to name the territory in front of the monument – “The Square of Labor Valour”.

It's good that we chose this place. There are symbols on the monument – there is a blacksmith, a soldier, Russians, Udmurts. All symbols are there. This is a finished stele. It is only needed to be supplemented with texts
Evgeny Shumilov, a historian of Izhevsk, professor of UdSU, doctor of historical sciences

Also a competition was announced for the best sketch of the monument, which will be held until August 31.

Earlier, the representative of Udmurtia in the State Duma of the country Andrei Isaev announced that Izhevsk could be awarded the title of “City of Labor Valor”. The collection of signatures in the town began in March 2020. Later, 50 deputies of the State Council voted for the adoption of a resolution on a petition to award the town the honorary title of Russia “City of Labor Valor”. The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) also approved the application.

Residents of the republic could vote on the website of the Izhevsk administration. Initially, the results were planned to be announced on May 9, but because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus in Russia, the dates were postponed. Each resident of Izhevsk could vote for the awarding of the title “City of Labor Valor” from June 25 to July 1 during the voting on amendments to the Constitution of the country. During this time, the initiative was supported by more than 250 thousand residents of Izhevsk who visited the polling stations. Note that a total of 20 cities participated in the selection. The head of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetyev said that if the capital of Udmurtia receives the title “City of Labor Valor”, a memorial stele will be made in honor of this.

On July 2 the head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov announced that Izhevsk received the title of “City of Labor Valor”. A total of 547 thousand votes were collected. Already on July 3, the capital of Udmurtia hosted a festive program “Thank you, Izhevsk residents!” in honor of this event.

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