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Udmurtia develops livestock breeding

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Udmurtia develops livestock breeding
Photo: Ruslan Nuriahmetov

The director of the department of livestock and breeding of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia Dmitry Butusov arrived in Udmurtia as a working visit on September 17. It was reported by the press office of the regional department.

A meeting of the working group of the Russian Ministry of agriculture on amendments to the federal legislation in the field of livestock breeding was held under his leadership.

This is a test project that is being implemented in Udmurtia, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Arkhangelsk regions.

Dmitry Butusov noted that the development of our own breeding base is a goal at the national level.

Udmurtia has one step ahead in this matter, and we already have the opportunity now to understand and assess what difficulties we will face in other regions, moving towards the implementation of these decisions
Dmitry Butusov, the director of the livestock and breeding department of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia

He got acquainted with the work of new dairy complexes in the Vavozhsky district before the meeting then in the local administration, experts discussed new methods for assessing the breeding value of animals.

The work on their development is aimed at reducing dependence on imported breeding material, developing our own civilized market for breeding resources, increasing the competitiveness of local farms and creating a single national information base in the context of each highly valuable animal.

According to the deputy prime minister of Udmurtia, minister of agriculture of the republic Olga Abramova, seven regional farms of Votkinsky, Vavozhsky, Debessky, Balezinsky, Glazovsky and Mozhginsky districts are participating in this project.

Recall that more than 7 thousand animals will receive genetic passports in Udmurtia.