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25 September 2021 Saturday

Honorary Citizens of Izhevsk were presented with awards

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Honorary Citizens of Izhevsk were presented with awards
Photo: Sofia Hohryakova

Solemn ceremony of honoring the Honorary Citizens of Izhevsk was held in Izhevsk on the eve of the Gunsmith Day. In 2020, five people were awarded the title, among them OMON commander Oleg Matveev and local historian and photographer Sergei Selivanovsky. The correspondent of the news agency “Udmurtia” attended the event.

The head of Izhevsk Oleg Bekmemetyev congratulated the residents of Izhevsk on the Gunsmith Day and also thanked everyone who worked and continues to work for the good of the town, republic and country.

We celebrate the Gunsmith Day on September 19 <...> We are rightfully the arms capital of Russia. This year we celebrate several anniversary dates associated with our town and the specifics of production in Izhevsk
Oleg Bekmemetyev, the head of Izhevsk

The title of Honorary Citizen of the town in the year of the 260th anniversary of Izhevsk was awarded to:

- Oleg Matveev, OMON commander, participant of hostilities in Afghanistan, Dagestan;

- Sergey Selivanovsky, local historian and photographer, author of books about Izhevsk;

- Nail Siraev, director of boarding school No. 15 for deaf children;

- Nikolay Ukrainets, a veteran of the Special Construction of Russia and a writer.

Also, the distinction was posthumously awarded to the head coach of the Izhstal hockey team Sergei Abramov. The award was given to the coach's widow and son.

Today people who have made and are making a great contribution to the development of our town in this hall gathered <...> Thank you, our town has something to be proud of
Oleg Garin, the chairman of the Town Duma of Izhevsk

The owners of the badge of honor “For services to Izhevsk” were the director of the school of arts No. 2 Gennady Yusim, the director of the theater “Molodoy chelovek” Elena Stolova, the honored worker of physical culture and sports of Russia Tatyana Penzina, the honored worker of public education of the Udmurt ASSR Raisa Mezrina.

Also in 2020, six labor collectives of the town were brought to the Honor Board of Izhevsk, which make a significant contribution to the development of the capital of Udmurtia. This honor was also awarded to 14 citizens. Note that the Honor Board in Izhevsk was opened three years ago, and every year 14 photos of citizens and six names of labor collectives appear on it.