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23 September 2021 Thursday

Men's competition of the 51st “Izhevskaya vintovka” has been started in the capital of Udmurtia

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Men's competition of the 51st “Izhevskaya vintovka” has been started in the capital of Udmurtia
Photo: Ruslan Nuriahmetov

The men's section of the 51st All-Russian biathlon “Izhevskaya vintovka” was started at the General A. Demidov's complex in the capital of Udmurtia with an individual 20 km race. The competition was attended by the correspondent of the news agency “Udmurtia”.

“Izhevskaya vintovka” is a significant competition in the Russian biathlon world. This is one of those competitions that allow athletes who started their season at the Russian Cup to get to international competitions. The “Izhevskaya vintovka” is also part of a series of qualifying races, where teams are formed for the World Cup and IBU, European and World Junior Championships. The strongest guys perform here, except for those who, without qualification, passed to the January stages of the World Cup
Ivan Tcherezov, two-time Olympic medalist and world champion in biathlon, head of the Udmurtia Biathlon Federation, the deputy of the State Council of the republic

A biathlete from the Moscow region Kirill Streltsov won the first men's race of the 51st “Izhevskaya vintovka”, which took place as part of the Russian Championship. He had two penalties on four shooting ranges and finished 53 minutes and 28 seconds.

An athlete from Udmurtia Dmitry Shamaev who didn’t make any mistakes, finished second with a lag of 41 seconds. The third step of the podium was taken by Ilya Gavrilov from Moscow – he missed once while shooting and lost 51 seconds to the winner of the race.

As always, Udmurtia is distinguished by its hospitality and the holding of competitions and events at a high level. Winter sports have always been quoted here and were at their best. <…> Each athlete has an opportunity to show himself. And there candidates for the trip and participation in the stages of the World Cup will be proposed by the decision of the coaching staff
Maxim Chudov, the Olympic medalist and three-time world champion in biathlon, chairman of the Bashkortostan Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon Federation

Biathletes from Udmurtia took the following places in the race: the 7th – Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov, the 13th – Viktor Plitsev, the 14th – Alexander Povarnitsyn. Maxim Makarov was the 31st, Vladimir Semakov was 36th, Alexander Myakonky was the 44th.

I set the highest goals for myself – shoot well, run fast. Today, neither one nor the other has worked a little. Three days ago, I felt a little unwell and participation in the race was in question. But this morning I woke up, felt good and decided to start
Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov, the medalist of the Russian Biathlon Championship