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28 October 2021 Thursday

Ulyana Kaisheva made it to the TOP-30 in the pursuit race at the Biathlon World Championships

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Ulyana Kaisheva made it to the TOP-30 in the pursuit race at the Biathlon World Championships
Photo: the press office of the Russian Biathlon Union

Biathlete Ulyana Kaisheva from Udmurtia took the 29th place in the 10 km pursuit race at the Biathlon World Championships. Competitions are held in the Slovenian city of Pokljuka from 10 to 21 February.

Earlier, Kaisheva took the 36th place in the 7.5 km sprint. It was from the position that she entered the start of the pursuit race.

The native of Udmurtia had three penalties. She was behind race winner Tiril Eckhoff of Norway at the finish line.

It is expected that Ulyana Kaisheva will perform at the next start of the World Championship – the individual 15 km race. It will start at 14:05 Moscow time on February 16.

The lineup will not change today, including in the individual race. Everything will be like it is so. If someone gets sick, God forbid, then there will be replacements. Racers already know this
Mikhail Shashilov, the senior coach of the Russian women's biathlon team

In addition, the eighth stage of the Russian Biathlon Cup took place in Tyumen. In the men's 10 km sprint, representatives of Udmurtia took the following places: Alexander Povarnitsyn is the 1st, Viktor Plitsev is the 2nd, Dmitry Shamaev is the 6th, Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov is the12th, Vladimir Semakov is the13th, Alexander Myagonky is the 23rd.

Biathletes from Udmurtia finished in the following positions: Dmitry Shamaev is the 2nd, Ilnaz Mukhamedzyanov is the 6th, Alexander Povarnitsyn is the 8th, Viktor Plitsev is the 13th, Alexander Myagonky is the 36th, Vladimir Semakov is the 37th.

Anastasia Kaisheva became the best of the representatives of Udmurtia in the women's 7.5 km sprint – she is 20th. Christina Egorova is the 31st. In super-suit, Kaisheva became the 9th, Egorova – the15th.