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23 September 2021 Thursday

Dmitry Guberniev was invited to Izhevsk on Olympic Day

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Izhevsk / Удмуртия
Dmitry Guberniev was invited to Izhevsk on Olympic Day
Photo: Ruslan Nuriahmetov

Dmitry Guberniev may come to Izhevsk for a holiday dedicated to Olympic Day. The general director of “Parks of Izhevsk” Sergey Butorin told that to the correspondent of the news agency “Udmurtia”.

According to Sergei Butorin, the event is planned to be held in Kirov Park on August 6, but everything will depend on the epidemiological situation.

We wanted to conduct an Olympic day, a big holiday, like “Walking Day”, for example, or a winter Olympic day with the All-Russian (Olympic - approx. Ed.) Committee of Russia in Kirov Park. We wanted to spend a summer Olympic day; it runs all over the country. Olympic champions and Dmitry Guberniev were planning to come to us. However, in connection with this situation, the event from June was postponed to July, now it has been postponed to August 6. There is no confirmation from Dmitry Guberniev, but we invite him. He doesn’t mind coming, because in June and July he gave confirmation
Sergey Butorin, the General Director of “Parks of Izhevsk”

Recall that last year Dmitry Guberniev came to Izhevsk on a walking day. Dmitry Guberniev also spoke about his friendship with Udmurtia on the air of the online marathon “Poka my doma”.