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Udmurtia and Tatarstan develop interregional tourism

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Udmurtia and Tatarstan develop interregional tourism
Photo: Kristina Berestova

Tourism opportunities and issues of interregional cooperation in the tourism sector of Tatarstan and Udmurtia were discussed in Izhevsk. The chairman of the Tatarstan State Committee for Tourism Sergei Ivanov told reporters about the sights, cuisine and culture of the neighboring region.

We see this year as a year of opportunities for regional and Russian tourism. Especially this is a year of opportunities for inter-regional tourism and tourism to neighboring regions
Sergey Ivanov, the Chairman of the State Committee of Tatarstan for Tourism

The Volga Federal District has launched the project “Visiting Neighbors”, which will increase the interregional tourist flow.

Residents of Udmurtia are frequent guests of Tatarstan. Over the past two weeks, the growth of tourist flow to the neighboring republic has increased. People come to Tatarstan to relax or spend an active weekend. Many people visit the “Staraya Tatarskaya Sloboda”, the Museum “Chak-Chak”, the Museum “City Panorama”, etc. Also, every tourist wants to visit UNESCO World Heritage sites: the Great Bolgar, the Island-city of Sviyazhsk and the Kazan Kremlin.

This year we saw tourists who had never considered a trip to Russia as a holiday option before
Sergey Ivanov, the Chairman of the State Committee of Tatarstan for Tourism

For residents of Udmurtia, Tatarstan has prepared several travel offers:

1) Promotion “2 + 1”. The program united 22 hotels, 40 cafes and restaurants of Kazan. Tourists pay for two nights in these hotels, and the third is a gift. Accommodation of children with parents in a room for any number of nights is free. Also, tourists are provided with a free two-hour sightseeing tour of Kazan. A 25% discount can be obtained in 40 cafes and restaurants, either by providing a hotel room key, or by showing the Tatarstan Tourist Pass mobile application, or by calling the password “Tatarstan 1001 Pleasure”. The promotion can be found on the official tourist portal.

2) “1001 weekend fun”. The program includes eight routes in eight municipal districts of Tatarstan. Each tour is two days long. Its cost is 2.2 thousand rubles.

These centers are very different: somewhere ceramic production is developed, somewhere – ethnic things, somewhere – gastronomy, somewhere there are unique natural objects
Sergey Ivanov, the Chairman of the State Committee of Tatarstan for Tourism

Also, every tourist will be able to get acquainted both as a part of tours and independently with the cuisine of Tatarstan.

We also have our own culinary items; this is a large number of horse meat dishes, zur balish, echpochmak, kystyby. And unique dishes – dried goose. Nowhere in Russia it is cooked anymore
Sergey Ivanov, the Chairman of the State Committee of Tatarstan for Tourism

In 2019, 708 thousand tourists visited Udmurtia.

Sergey Ivanov said that residents of Tatarstan love to travel around Udmurtia with families and companies. Each tourist can choose an interesting tour for him: an industrial tourism tour, a family fairytale tour (a fabulous map of the region is being developed), a gastronomic and ethnic tour, Udmurtia wellness (a sanatorium in Uva), a cultural and educational tour (Tchaikovsky's estate museum, Sarapul).

Udmurtia joined large interregional tourism projects – “Great Volga Way”, “Bolshaya Kama”.

We place great emphasis on the development of interregional ties, because it is time to invite guests to our republic
Yulia Zheleznyak, the Head of the Department for the Development of Tourism and Tourism Activities of the Ministry of Economy of Udmurtia

Also the Cashback Program for trips across Russia will be started to work from August 21 to 28.