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Ecotourism is being developed in Udmurtia

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Ecotourism is being developed in Udmurtia
Photo: Ruslan Nuriahmetov

Ecotourism is one of the priority areas of tourism in Udmurtia. The region has a system of specially protected natural areas and has the potential for the development of ecotourism. It was reported by the press office of the head and government of the republic.

Currently, specially protected natural areas occupy 356 thousand hectares.

There are 132 specially protected natural areas in the republic: the national park of federal significance “Nechkinsky”, natural parks “Sharkan” and “Ust-Belsk”, 13 state reserves (including 11 - hunting), 111 natural monuments, a botanical garden and 5 special protected natural areas of local importance.

Illegal trash are being liquidated, unique reservoirs are being cleaned.

Ecotourism includes excursions along archaeological and ecological paths, tourist and water routes, bird watching tours, scientific and sports expeditions, hunting and fishing.

Rural ecotourism is one of the most interesting destinations for Udmurtia. Townspeople who stay in guest houses can experience the atmosphere of village life. Tours conducted in such an area reveal the peculiarities of rural life from different angles. In Udmurtia, these events are often accompanied by local rituals and folklore.

The first gastro train arrived in the republic as a part of the interregional tourist and gastronomic project “Tasty Let's Go! Udmurtia treats” on August 22. The participants came to Izhevsk from Moscow to immerse themselves in the history and culture of the region and taste national dishes.

There are about 10 ecotourism routes in the region.

Recall that the Udmurt Botanical Garden can become a platform for the development of ecotourism.